The Penn Graduate Women in Science & Engineering (PGWISE) was founded to foster an environment at Penn and nationally where women are given the opportunities to be successful in their chosen fields, facilitating the growth and innovation in our country as a whole.

“Science can be so difficult with all of the obstacles standing in the way of women. It’s like telling people to run a marathon in the Olympics and then telling them that they will be carrying a five-pound brick. I mean that would be absurd, wouldn’t it?”

– Nancy Hopkins, Professor Emeritus, MIT Department of Biology

Women make up about 56% of those receiving biology Ph.D.s...

...yet make up only 27% of full biology professorships in the U.S.

Source: National Science Foundation, 2013

PGWISE aims to correct this disparity through a combination of community outreach and career development training. Recruiting and retaining women in STEM is a tangible way that we as graduate students can change the culture of science and education at the University of Pennsylvania and beyond.