One of the most valuable tools for recruiting and retaining under represented groups in stem is Mentorship. PGWISE has a mentoring program that facilitates the advancement of under represented groups into higher education. 

Our Programs

High school students -- Mentors are partnered with high school students in west Philadelphia schools interested in applying to college or trade school. Mentors help their mentees navigate the applications and admissions processes by proving guidance and emotional support. 

Migrant Worker Education Summer Science Carnival -- In the summer, we host a science carnival that focuses on fostering an interest in science through fun workshops and hands-on demonstrations in physics, biology, and chemistry. 

To participate in our mentoring programs contact the PGWISE board at


PGWISE collaborates with the career services office to provide female graduate students with a variety of professional workshops focused on negotiation, public speaking, interviewing, and networking skills. Visit our events page to view the list of upcoming workshops or contact